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January 29, 2007
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buy them.  now. by beatnikcrab buy them.  now. by beatnikcrab
1) rice balls! i was experimenting with the finer points of the faces. the one with the HUGE eyes is a mutant, because i kept making them loppysidey, so they kept getting bigger and bigger. the seaweed diapers are actually a dark green. 1/2" tall.
2) ice cream and lollipops. ice cream is 1 1/2" tall (far too big, but it was just a prototype), lollipops are 1" - 1 1/4" tall.
3) swirly heart. mmm, pearly. 1/2" tall.
4) Hershey's Kiss. they're wrapped in real gold/silver/copper leaf, and range from 5/8" to 3/4" tall.
5) fish bones! i know you can't see it, but the eye hole goes all the way through. 1" tall.
6) shroom. more pearly goodness. the photo doesn't do it justice. 1" tall.
7) pegasus! painting with pearly inks is nerve-racking, because it crazy-magnifies every imperfection. this came out quite well, although he's more yellow and less gold irl. the wings gave me rage-seizures, because they either wouldn't match, or i would drop/lose them. it finally worked out. *proud* 1 1/4" tall.
8) dolphin. adorably squishy. 1/2" tall, 3/4" long.
9) big kitty. with sparkly gold eyes. 1 3/8" tall.
10) lil kitty. can be painted to your specifications. 3/4" tall.

the lollipops are $3. small swirly hearts are $4. larger swirly hearts, rice balls, fishbones, and small kitties are $5. ice cream cones, shrooms, and dolphins are $6. big kitties are $8. Kisses are $10 (because that's real gold/silver leaf. real as in real. 24k or something.) the pegasus is n/a, because i'm not making any more of them. did i miss anything?

i can make any of this stuff into jewelry, if you'd like, too. check here for details.

all charms are beatnik crab, 2006
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Sumiko7741 Featured By Owner Jan 1, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
can you make a tutorial for the pony plz...^u^
Sumiko7741 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2010  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
OMG! can u make a quick picture tutorial for the hershey kiss? im making a pin for my mom of this pattern: hershey kiss; m&m; chocolate bar; m&m; hershey kiss...and i cant get the $%@#ing shape right!:pissedoff: can you plz take a few pictures of the process of making the shape and then put it in a sequence? i dont need words and i know how to wrap stuff; i just need the shape...plz help me...:tears:
Snakefang101 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2009
too cute!
MissyMandy Featured By Owner May 30, 2007
:fav because I love the dolphins.
And the pegasus :heart:! <-- Wish you could do more u_u

And I srsly could digest that ice cream. You're amazing :wow:
ShibumuS Featured By Owner Mar 31, 2007   Photographer
cute kitties :heart:
beatnikcrab Featured By Owner Apr 2, 2007
thanks! :D
TOCZ Featured By Owner Mar 12, 2007
very cute and pretty creative, too! i love the unicorn and the mushroom!! :)
beatnikcrab Featured By Owner Mar 13, 2007
thank you! :D the mushroom is one of my favorites. i want to eventually make a glow in the dark shroom set for the raver kids. ;3

thanks again!
imaginated-friend Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007  Hobbyist General Artist
How much are you charging for those cuties? x] <3
beatnikcrab Featured By Owner Mar 9, 2007
hmm, well almost all of them are sold, but i can make more. 'cept the pegasus. he was a bitch to make, and i don't wanna do it again. the lollipops are $3 ea, the shroom and the ice cream are $6, the black kitty is $8, the Hershey's Kiss is $10 (also available in gold), and everything else is $5. plus up to $3 shipping, depending on where you live.
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